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ZE Vortex: Add support of parsing Cucumber "data tables" in the test steps

It would be very helpful to see "data table" parameters in the Cucumber test steps along with inline parameters.

Currently only inline parameters are being parsed by Vortex(ZBot). But in Cucumber, scenarios can also have "data table" parameters which currently don't appear in ZE test case steps.


  1. Create a Cucumber scenario which uses both inline and data table parameters in its steps

  2. Configure a Vortex job in ZE to run that Cucumber scenario

  3. Run the configured Vortex job and wait for its successful completion

  4. Opened the executed test case in the Test Repository tab


ZE should show both inline and "data table" parameters in the test case steps


ZE only shows the inline parameters in the test case steps (please see the screenshot attached)

  • Gayane Darbinyan
  • Dec 5 2022
  • Gathering Interest
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