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JIRA BDD Feature Plugin: Support of multiple Examples tables for Scenario Outline

Add support for multiple Examples tables for Scenario Outline.

Currently, if Scenario has multiple Examples tables, then only the first Examples table is being parsed by the BDD Feature Plugin. The rest of the Examples tables are being ignored.

Multiple Examples tables are supported by Cucumber itself and they can be tagged with different tags. This should be supported by the plugin as well.

It is very helpful feature in Cucumber and is commonly used actually. When you want to group and tag your test data, for example, when you have one scenario, which is testing 2 logical test cases, then you can have 2 Examples tables tagged by the test case name like in the example below.

Scenario Outline: Scenario1

Given assumptions

When the user performs an action with <input>

Then the system should give the expected result <output>



| input | output |

| 1 | 2 |



| input | output |

| 3 |4 |

  • Gayane Darbinyan
  • Nov 3 2022
  • Gathering Interest
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