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Test Execution Burndown Report and Dashboard Gadget in ZETM

In Zephyr Squad, there is a Test Execution Burndown Report option and also a Dashboard Gadget that displays rate of test execution, # of unexecuted tests and expected completion date. MCANS leadership is VERY interested in these same reports to come from the test executions in ZETM.

  • Abhijeet Mahulkar
  • Sep 12 2022
  • Gathering Interest
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  • Abhijeet Mahulkar commented
    21 Nov 09:44am

    Hi Govinad,

    Any update on this enhancement request. Thanks.

  • Abhijeet Mahulkar commented
    7 Nov 10:27am

    In a given ZETM project/release, users want to go the Reports area and see a report called Test execution burndown. It would be somewhat similar to the planned vs executed, but show a burn down view of the total number of testcases at the start with any scope change (new test cases added) and a burn down of the number when the Test Case is marked as completed.

    Likewise, they users would like a similar Test execution Burndown gadget available in a ZETM dashboard.

  • Abhijeet Mahulkar commented
    4 Nov 12:39pm

    Hi Govind,

    Could you please update on this idea and its progress? Thanks.