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Gadgets missing some key data - productivity report, generate Automation % release

  1. Create Day wise Productivity Report (Number of test cases executed). Test Cases would get executed across 3 Releases at any point in time.

  • > We can see Daily Pulse but we cannot select more than 1 release. We have Execution analysis where we can select more than 1 release but the Date cannot be selected.

  1. We need to generate Automation % per release or per project based upon Test Type field (This field is used to segregate whether a test case is standalone or Near Partner)

  • > We have automation dashboards but there is no option to generate it based upon the Test case type field

  1. Is there a report which we have using which we can generate Test Design Productivity (# of Test cases designed / Loaded to Zephyr within a specific Time across more than 1 release)

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  • Aug 4 2022
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