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Support for test case dependency

Allow making a test case dependent on other test cases, so that it can only be executed once the other test cases have been executed and passed.

As a user, I can add dependency links between test cases (a precondition to running another test)

  • govind drolia
  • Nov 20 2020
  • Gathering Interest
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  • cindi miller commented
    19 Jul 09:33pm

    The ability to link tests and even create dependencies within them would be a welcome upgrade to Zephyr. In our case, there are complex E2E tests which require execution of existing tests to inform the next test. If we could link them, we could easily re-use often-run tests within new tests and reduce test case and test step redundancy.

  • Chris Amos commented
    25 May, 2021 05:46pm

    It would also be helpful to have notifications sent to an assigned tester when all precondition tests cases have been passed. Both within the Zephyr tool and via email, have an alert sent to a tester whenever a test case is assigned to them and is ready to be executed. It would nice if this could be turned on/off for each test phase.